Come to the Table Tuesday: T is for Tomatillo — 2 Comments

  1. I like tomatillos on my quesadillas 🙂 Just fun to say. I’ve never used tomatillos except in store bought salsa verde (which is superb on top of chicken) but will have to try them out fresh in hand now. Upland cress is the only vegetable Siri knew of that began with the letter U, while Ungiberry, Uvilla & Ugli were the only fruits she found. I know about one of those four. I’ll wait to hear what you find. 🙂

    • Hey, Amelia. Hope you like trying the tomatillo fresh…things always taste a little better fresh. I was thinking about Ugli fruit. There are actually quite a few very exotic fruits that start with U, trouble is finding them to try. May have to travel to these exotic locations for research because they are not ubiquitous (oooo, nice Scrabble word!)

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