Come to the Table Tuesday: S is for Strawberries — 4 Comments

  1. I have a recipe for strawberry ice cream cake 🎂 But it’s so messy when you whip in a Mixmaster it takes a long time after to the walls and ceiling I thought I’d pass on that today

  2. I have strawberries in my fridge right now & eat them “naked” My daughter stresses buying organic for berries (dirty dozen & all that) but I have found that the organic strawberries don’t stay fresh nearly as long as the non-organic. Do you have any idea why? They are both grown an hour away. Thanks. always enjoy your blog!

    • Typically, the conventional strawberries are sprayed with a fungicide. This prevents mold growth. Mold growth may not be seen right away as that familiar fuzzy stuff, but it will soften the tissue of the berry when it starts growing. When you buy organic, there are no fungicides used to prevent mold growth. So, they start to mold faster. In the article I mention to throw strawberries in the freezer right when you notice they are starting to lose their firmness. Then, at least you don’t end up throwing them away. The organic version will spoil faster, unfortunately.

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