best me hope myrrhHi! I’m Amy. I’m a wife, a mother of two teen guys who are too big to call boys anymore, a trained treat giver (my dog has me trained well), and official snuggler of our latest addition to our home…a kitty! I’m glad you’ve come in to check out what the ForGiving House is all about.

It is hard to know where to begin, and since the story of the ForGiving House started many years ago even before the writing part, let’s start there.

Have you ever been in the middle of something that you never expected or really wanted to be in? That was where I was. It was a really hard time for me because I knew I had to make some choices about forgiving. 42505045_mlThe choices looked like a fork in the road with two paths, and I knew that this fork would impact the rest of my life.

When going through this time, a very dear friend stopped by and dropped off a book hoping to give some help. After she left, I grabbed my favorite snuggly blanket and cuddled up on the couch to see if there was anything in the book that could help with what I was facing. As I read the first few pages of the introduction, it became very clear that the person who wrote the book had been wronged. I kept reading on, and then came upon something that stopped me in my tracks and shocked me to my core. I read that it took the author seven years to forgive. I felt my heart sag.

In that moment, the next seven years of my life flashed forward through my mind. They felt like a movie in slow motion that went on for a very long time.

While I sat there stunned, my mind swirling through a thick mess of negative thoughts of what seven years could look like, some powerful sentences that Jesus said long, long ago softly nudged their way in: “But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father who is in Heaven forgive you.” I then thought of all the things I needed forgiveness for. I had no guarantees of what was going to happen. I guess none of us do in life. But, I decided upon the choice I wanted to make without knowing if the road ahead of me was going to be smooth or bumpy with a lot of deep pot holes.

So, I shut the book from my friend, made the decision and promise to myself to always forgive and live my life with forgiveness leading the way. I ended up never reopening the book from my friend.

IMG_20130531_070400Since that time in my life years ago, being forgiven and forgiving has made me think a lot about how much we are loved and what life and forgiving is really about. I have come to believe that both living life and forgiving is… for giving. That is, giving to others.

And so, the ForGiving House has been built and continues to be built day by day, week by week, year by year in my life. But, it is not built with lumber, bricks or drywall. It is built with things that stand the test of time. It is built with love, laughs, hugs and helping others.

Is it perfect? Well, no. Sometimes rooms need remodeling or the plumbing or wiring needs to be fixed. But that’s okay. That’s when the Master Carpenter does his amazing work and makes the house His home.

Header Hands House Heart Message 8 logoWell, as with any house, there are many rooms. And with each room there is a purpose for living. That is where the ForGiving House comes to life! Each room is being filled with stories of love, laughs, and things that help living everyday life. My hope is that in sharing stories of life together, we grow together.

Since it might be a little more helpful to know how the rooms in the ForGiving House are set up, you can read about each room below to learn more. Who knows, we may even have room additions as we go. So, come on in and make yourself at home.






Amy Nelson

P.S. If you want to get in touch with me, email me at: I would love to hear from you.



While I am not a huge fan of cooking in the kitchen (LOVE those who do!), I do love learning aboutvitamix goodies what makes up the science of foods and how they work in the body. I have an undergraduate degree from UW- Madison (Go Badgers!) and a Master of Science degree in Food Science from the U of MN (Go Gophers!). While I have worked in the food industry in some different roles, I chose to leave the salary (not celery) world a while ago. I stay employed as Director of Household Management. I haven’t been laid off yet. The pay is priceless.

I have a passion for eating well, living healthy, and putting good things in the body while researching the information and sources behind what I am hearing and reading. That’s the geeky scientist part of my brain. But the more I learn and study, the more amazed I become at how intricate and wonderfully detailed we are put together. The more I learn, I feel the less I know.

Then there is the mom part of me. I try my best to feed my family, too, which is not always easy with activities and what is out there for help with convenience (someone please start up a fast food organic chain restaurant near me), or the latest trendy snack thingy that is around.

Do you ever notice that no matter how big or small a house is, typically everyone ends up in the kitchen? I love this and call my kitchen sink that looks over the rest of our kitchen my “pulpit”. It is also where our family, friends, and guests share things about what is going on in each other’s lives, and about important stuff in our hearts.

In the ForGiving House kitchen you’ll find stories about putting good things into your body, nutrition help, and also stories of the heart.


I love, love, love my family and we are an interesting eclectic mix of personalities. My husband and I have been married for 26 years and have known each other now for thirty years. In my eyes, he is a super smart scientist, super smart in business, and the most patient and loving guy. We have two teenage boys plus two furry members of the family…Hope, our Basset hound/St Bernard mix (yes, that’s right!) and an orange tabby kitty cat named Myrrh (because guys got him for me for Christmas).myrrh pawing face with Hope and me

Our sharing life together is often like a ride at the fair. Bumpy, tipsy-turvy, a ton of fun, and when things get wonky, there is the messy clean up. Our oldest son is overcoming the challenges of autism which has been a ride and journey of learning, loving, laughing, crying together. Our younger son loves playing sports and playing his drum set in our basement. And, yes, we love hearing him throughout the house as he rocks out or jazzes it up down there, too. It’s funny to hear him playing songs that my husband and I used to jam to when we were teenagers. Yep, Don’t Stop Believing and Carry on My Wayward Son. (Although, I wouldn’t call him wayward.)

In the ForGiving House family room you’ll find stories about sharing life together with its dramas and joys, twists and triumphs.


Ok, I realize that not every home has one of these, but there is one in the ForGiving House. Taking care of what goes in the body comes with a love of taking care of it from the outside. Exercise trends come and go, and well, it is better that some went! 17625703_mlBut, this body has to last a while. Just trying to take care of it in order to still be trekking along and dancing it up the hill rather than be over the hill.

One way I love to work out is by lifting weights. I started learning back in the 80s, and hope to still be pumpin’ iron when I am in my 80s.

In the ForGiving House exercise room is where you will find information about things that just do a body good, both inside and out.

tag-yard&garden2IMG_20130816_130550The great outdoors! So many things learned about my life comes through gardening and playing around out in the yard. I love flower gardening, but have tried my hand at vegetable gardening. I’ve decided to leave that to my three other sisters who are phenomenal at it. I keep to some of the easy basics and love the local farmer’s market. Yet, I love that nature has it’s own way of teaching and telling stories.

In the ForGiving House yard and garden you’ll find stories about gardening, outdoor fun and life’s analogies around them.